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Why take the Cambridge exam

Why take the Cambridge English exam?

These are by far the most widely used and recognised qualifications for English language learners, providing a completely objective assessment of English level.

With a Cambridge English certificate, you will gain advantages at many universities in the Czech Republic and abroad, such as extra points in the admissions process or forgiveness of your compulsory English course!


Cambridge P.A.R.K. exam centre offers those interested in taking one of the Cambridge English exams not only the lowest possible prices, but also a number of additional benefits with every registration:

  • more than 12 dates per year for most exams
  • choice between paper-based and computer-based versions of the exam
  • more than 30 test locations throughout the Czech Republic
  • above-standard testing rooms with high quality acoustics
  • possibility of sending certificates by post


  • choice of partner for the SPEAKING part
  • SPEAKING WARM UP before the oral exam
  • the possibility of a mock exam in the full version with feedback from the examiners
  • FREE online exam preparation for MOCK test graduates
  • Why take the Cambridge exam


    • You will receive the world's most recognized language certificate with lifelong validity.
    • Officially and objectively confirm your level of English.
    • You will increase your success rate in finding a quality job.
    • It's easier to go abroad to study.
    • You will receive proof of language skills required for visa applications.
    • You will increase your confidence and motivate yourself to continue studying English.
    • At a number of schools, you will receive benefits and point bonuses in the admissions process or as part of your studies
    • You will reduce your tax base (the money spent can be deducted from your income tax base).
    • The certificate replaces the profile part of the English Baccalaureate exam.


    • You can use both British and American English for the exams.
    • You can choose between a paper-based and a computer-based version of the exam.
    • You can compose them at any age and at all levels of language.
    • There are also versions for candidates with disabilities and special needs.
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